Monday, March 1, 2010

Random Thoughts - 3/1/10

First Spring Training game in 3 days... Thank God!

Thinking about Tubby's team... 4 years ago in the Monson era, 17-11, 8-8 B10, on the bubble for the NCAA tournament -- would have sounded like heaven. Our expectations have certainly grown. Three 1-point losses and two OT losses -- turning those into wins makes this team 22-6. We're THAT close - and without Nolen, Royce, or Mbakwe. IF (and I mean IF) we can win at Michigan and then clobber Iowa at home, we have a very legit shot at the Dance.

Pam Borton on the other hand... OMG, what a train wreck. Can't recruit. Can't coach. This year's team was pegged for 3rd in the B10, and an NCAA bid was a given. Instead, they finish last in the freakin' conference with an overall losing record. Maturi, get off your ass and dump this fool. There have to be mid-major coaches who have earned their stripes that would love a shot to return the Gophers to glory.

Tough weekend for Gopher baseball. Good thing we're not in the Big East: three games, three losses. Pitching looks pretty good. Hitting, not so much. Maybe the Twins can send McCallum back for another year?

Yeah, it sucks to lose to Canada in the Gold Medal game. But they absolutely kicked our asses in overtime. Bastards. Ryan Miller -- you have a new fan. What a monster tournament!

I coached Iowa Hawkeye LB AJ Edds in 10-year-old baseball. Good 1B, but not much of a hitter. My eldest daughter was the best hitter on that team - had the game-winning RBI that snapped a 2-year winning streak for a team with Purdue basketball player Mark Wohlford. Helluva league -- it also had Eastern Illinois QB Drew Kiel and Indiana QB Dustin Kiel. Not bad for a southern Indiana town of 35,000. Nostalgia... ain't it great?

Lake Mary, FL girls won the 6-A state basketball championship. Again. They don't rebuild -- they reload. Recruit watch: Orange Park HS 6'4" post player Katherine Zander. Soft touch inside or outside. Handles the ball, leads the break. Nice passer. Only knock: too soft. But she'll be a damn good D-1 player somewhere.

12 days until I see the Twins against the Phillies!!!

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