Thursday, April 15, 2010

Random Thoughts - 4/15/10

The Franchise started slowly today, but finished REALLY strong. If you’re in a fantasy league, pick up or trade for Francisco Liriano now, before the price gets too high.

It’s awesome for MLB to retire #42 in honor of Jackie Robinson. I’m OK with having Jackie Robinson day every year. But do we really have to have every player wear #42? Instead, can we have a ceremony or tribute before the game? Maybe wear an arm patch? It’s kinda tough to tell who’s in the game without a lineup card if everyone is wearing the same number. Drives me nuts.

Gopher hoops signing of 6’10”, 300# center Maurice “Mo” Walker is (literally!) huge. Highest-rated recruit in this class so far. Everyone keep their fingers crossed we can land 5-star PG Cory Joseph. I’ll drink the Kool-Aid. I think he’ll be a Gopher.

The primary reason for tonight's post: Tim Tebow and CBS Sports jackass Pete Prisco.

I’m the father of two students currently attending Florida State. My cousins attended Florida State. My sister got her Master’s degree from Florida State. No one from my family has ever attended the University of Florida. I am a Seminole fan, and not a Gator fan. I have zero allegiance toward the University of Florida or their teams. I have ample reasons to despise the Gators. That being said…

I’m a big fan of ex-Gator Tim Tebow and I freely admit it.

His football accomplishments are remarkable. A couple high school state championships (and drubbings of our local high school team). A couple national championships at Florida. A Heisman Trophy. Better collegiate passing statistics than Peyton Manning. You’ll hear Tim Tebow mentioned in any discussion involving “greatest collegiate player ever”. Regardless of whether you or I believe he’s a legitimate NFL quarterback, several NFL clubs do - most mock drafts have Tebow selected somewhere in the late-first to mid-second round. Yet this kid is nothing short of vilified by a lot of people, including certain members of the press. Why? Because he’s a squeaky-clean winner? We have a need to tear down a real hero?

Tebow is a model citizen, solid student, strong leader, and excellent teammate. His work ethic and desire to learn and improve border on legendary. By the ripe old age of 20, Tebow had done significant missionary work as well as raise money for worthy charitable causes. Tim Tebow is an extraordinary young man, and deserving of our respect, appreciation, and admiration. I hope he’s wildly successful in the NFL.

So what the hell is wrong with Jacksonville-based CBS Sports writer Pete Prisco? Check out his Tweets on @PriscoCBS. For the past few weeks, he averages an anti-Tebow tweet every other day or so. Why? Did he ignore your autograph request? Did he crush your alma mater in football? Seriously, with the thousands of players in college and pro football, why the hyper-focus and sophomoric ridicule of an outstanding young man from your hometown? Pete Prisco: Zero clue and zero class.

Finally… (Despite the small sample set,) with a 7-3 start, consecutive series wins AT the Angels, AT the White Sox, and home against the Red Sox, you just have to believe the Twins are a very legitimate World Series contender. Pitching, hitting, and defense all look great. This could be a very special season.

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