Saturday, February 20, 2010

Gopher Hoops: Too Little, Too Late or Just In Time?

As the Gophers are currently pasting Indiana, we're about to be 16-10 (7-7 B10) with 4 conference games left. The Gophers (#33 in the Ken Pomeroy ratings) are at home against #4 Purdue (#5 KenPom), at Illinois (#52), at Michigan (#71), and finish at home against the Iowa Suckeyes (#140). I will assume Iowa is not just a win, but a blowout.

For the Gophers to make The Dance, they probably must win 2 of the other 3, and might need 2 wins in the B10 tournament. Beating Michigan is a must. (Since they lost at home to Penn State today, that's a winnable game.) I like our chances beating Purdue at home more than beating Illinois on the road.

Right now, we're looking at a #6 seed in the B10 tournament, which means a first-round must win against either Penn State or Iowa, and a 2nd round game against Ohio State, Becky Badger, or Illinois.

It's a tough road ahead, but doable if we see the Gophers that spanked the Badgers. We MUST win at Michigan, home against Iowa, the 1st round conference tournament game, and AT LEAST one more to have a chance. Bring it home, boys.

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